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    Hey everyone...

    My company just rolled out CommonTime mCenter and I was just wondering if it is possible to keep data consistent across Lotus Notes, my Treo 650, and my Mac running MS Entourage.

    I've played around with the different syncing and replicating profiles, but nothing seems to work. I can get my Palm to sync with Lotus Notes exclusively without a problem. And I can get my Palm to sync with Entourage just fine. But I can't get my Palm to sync with both.

    Any suggestions or is it just a pipe dream?

    Thanks guys!

    P.S. Why does my Palm reset itself all the damn time while I'm replicating?!?!? Grrrrrr!
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    I hope to hear an answer to the same question ... I'm joining a new company shortly and will be faced with Notes / Treo, but with all my contacts etc. on Mac Entourage that I'd like to port over.

    I've been through a lot of Synchronization Wars over recent years (Kyo 6035, Kyo 7135, Blackberry) and I'm thinking that I'm in for more of the same when I make this transition ....

    Hoping that someone knowledgeable responds to your note ...

    - Andy

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