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    My Treo 650 went dead after almost 12 months. Luckily Sprint exchanged the Treo for a what looks like a new one (I'm sure it was refurb).
    So everything is great as it used to be except I can't get TomTom to work. I'd previously used up 2 activation codes.

    I'd sent multiple emails and faxes to Tomtom's activation group, but no reply yet on the new product code. On their website, they did mention that they would supply a fresh new product code if I can verify that my unit was replaced.

    Did anyone else run into the same problem? Can you suggest what I should do beside laying out money for a new purchase?
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    My experience is it can take a week or more for Tomtom to reply to an e-mail. Others have reported good support from their U.S. support line - (978) 287-9555
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    Thanks for sharing that. I don't think US Support is any different. I must have called that number half dozen times today. Everytime I called, I ended up waiting on line for awhile (5 to 10 minutes) and connected to the support voice mail which no one has returned the call for 2 days now.
    Now I will think twice about buying or upgrading to TomTom due to the 2x activation limit.
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    Sorry, Tomtom does seem to have a problem meeting their support turnaround claims but they've always come through for me if I'm patient. I've received replacements for both bad CD's and faulty hardware from them. Here's another poster's experience with the license issue: Prior post
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    TomTom support guy called me this afternoon and gave me a new product code. It took 2 full days for them to respond. But all in all, it's not that bad considering other internet companies take longer in many cases.
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    Great software, awful licensing/activation process.. My Treo was replaced yesterday and I cant get in touch with them for crap. Now with the weekend, I wont hear from anyone until at least Monday.

    I'll be downloading it from later... I cant believe I have to "hack" software I've paid for..

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    I've sent TT 2 emails over 2 weeks ago and havn't heard a peep.....sheesh. Love the product, hate the CS. So far TreoCentral has been the best forum for help.
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    I love their telephone customer support..... You wait on hold 15 minutes then get an operator who says the number is only for a dispatch service and there is no direct number. Supposedly they're gonna call back, but if I don't hear from them by EOB monday, I'll be warezing it.

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