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    I'm probably SOL but I thought I'd run this by the collective wisdom here and see if anyone has any ideas.

    Over the weekend I finally decided to perform the install of the 2000 mAh battery replacement on my 600. Armed with the special torque wrench and the tool to pry open the case, I proceeded with caution. Everything appeared to go well. I popped open the case, unplugged the old battery and installed the new one. Unfortunately, however, I could not get it to charge beyond 19 percent. Disconnecting it from the charger brought me to a blank screen; reconnecting brought me to the hard reset/initialization screen. Rats!

    I re-opened the unit and re-installed the old battery. However, the gods were not smiling on me. This battery showed a 76 percent charge. However, when I disconnected the charger I immediately got a blank screen. It seems that I could only view the screen with the charger plugged in! I left it on the charger for another half-hour, to no avail. Tapping on the battery icon still showed 76 percent, and disconnecting/connecting to the charger brought me back to the init screen again.

    Has anyone experienced this problem before? At this point I'm seriously thinking about stealing my wife's Treo, or going on an Ebay shopping expedition for a used unit (possibly even one with a bad LCD, since it would appear I may have zapped something on the non-LCD half of the board). Help!

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    Why not get together with Lon Nol over at and swap parts??
    Well behaved women rarely make history

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