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    Has anyone been able to get the SMS ringers to work in LightWav Pro?
    I contacted Toysoft and they said to type in the full MMS email address ( for instance) for it to recognize... And it still doesnt!?!
    Does anyone have a solution in LW Pro that works? Thanks

    PS- I just got my Treo650 after being on a Treo600 w/ LightWav 3.2 for the longest time!
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    I had this problem for a while with lightwav pro and previous version. The trick is that you have to enter the number without dasher so 817-555-5555 is NOT the same as 8175555555. For email I had to use the debug version of lightwav because my SPCS 650 had a weird 4 digit number for the sender instead of an email address. Hope that helps
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    Yes! That worked! Thanks!

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