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    Quote Originally Posted by Jaggrey
    This happened to me when I put a screen protector on. I hard reset and everything. I was so mad that it started working once I took it back off. I cleaned the screen and reapplied and it works fine now. Hopefully your new ones works well too.

    Can you take a pic of the Treo with the new Sprint logo?
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    Wow! Looks waayy cooler and low-key than the former Sprint logo with the ugly red icon. (the one I received) Enjoy!
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    Nice Scanner.
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    Not a scanner but a ham radio. :-)
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    Nice Pumpkin.
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    No no no no.. You did it ALL WRONG.

    Don't you know pictures of stuff like this are supposed to be severely overexposed and WAY out of focus?

    You'll learn.. I'll forgive you for now.
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