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    Today when driving to work, the Treo was in my shirt pocket. When almost to work, I suddenly had a burning feeling. I pullout the Treo and it was extremely hot. The screen was black and it wouldn't revive. When I got to work, I pulled the battery and waited a few seconds, put in back in and everything seems fine now.

    Anyone else had this this happen? I couldn't find anything in a search (just hundreds of threads about hotsync problems). I thought I remembered something like this on some Sprint Treos a long time ago. I've had this for several months and never had this happen before. Phone log doesn't show anything like an incoming call and the last crashed dialog only show a crash from about two weeks ago. Seems OK now, but this was really odd.
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    I've had mine since Feb. and have had this happen 4-5 times. No error msg either. Seems it happens after receiving a message or when trying to but failing. I did the same thing....pull the battery and let it cool down.
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