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    Just read about new product on the Softick's homepage:

    "Softick Bluetooth Commander is the first Palm OS file manager which supports Bluetooth file browse and transfer capability and therefore extends wireless connectivity of Palm devices."

    Info and trial version available here:

    Tried this cool app on my 650 and it's awesome! I call this "just run and forget about "original" Palm OS GUI"

    Really missed Bluetooth FTP client for my Treo, since Blue Files is a good tool, but it's a passive listener (like Card Export), whereas Bluetooth Commander allows me to control transfer right from the Palm.

    Well, thanks again to the Softick guys for just another worthwhile solution
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    It looks great, but $25 seems a tad much for me.

    Does it handle ZIP files?

    Progress? Well, at least I can get color traffic maps now...
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    $24, not $25 But you can try to ask for discount, especially after providing a good feedback. Probably they are quite interested in feedback because of the very first release.
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    Has anyone tried moving a mp3 with this?

    I always end up with a file on the pc of 510k-526k when trying to copy a mp3 off the treo to my PC
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    WOW, this looks pretty cool actually. Sorta looks like the Drive Mode feature of the T5 except using BT!! It is kinda pricey though...hmmm...decision, decision...
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    Can anyone give me a quick heads-up for the use for this app? I downloaded it thinking it was like a bluetooth Card Export but I dont think it is. Sites a little vague. Thanks.
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