Soe time ago I posted indicating that my treo was not a good swimmer. I have since opened the case, let it dry off and then charged it up for what I hoped would be a miracle. Well, I didn't get it, but I got signs of life.

The device holds a charge. When you turn the screen on it lights up (all blue) and times out as it was set to do before the accident. I installed the sim card again and through my memory of the steps initiated the connection to the network and I called the recieved the call and I could answer it. The mic worked but the ear piece buzzed like one way communication.

The bottom line is that I think the darn thing works. But now that I have opened the box to dry it off, the PALM website for repair indicates that it is now damaged so they won't touch it. Any ideas here? I'd hate to scrap the whole thing for parts (and I know some folks have asked about them from me) if I can get it fixed.

Any hope?