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    I am a new treo 650 user and I am considering buying this headset on eBay. Is this the best choice? Sorry I just have to ask!
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    I have one, as well as the Treo BT Headset and a Plantronics Voyager 510. Of the 3, I am partial to the Plantronics. IMHO the sound quality and clarity are much better then the Scala and Treo BT. There are many many post in TC regarding headsets. Before you buy, do some searching and reading, see what other members have to say and then you will be better suited to make an informed purchase decision.
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    I have the Scala and never use it b/c of the crackling noise which makes it unusable. Imo, it is not worth buying even though the price may be very cheap...
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    scala has an upgraded version of the 500 out now. It's a little different looking and doesnt need a cradle to charge it. I traded up to the new one and it works much better than the old version. Clearer, connects faster and overall works better. Also comes in colors now. All black, blue/black, red/black and clear. If you get one of those you'll have the new model.
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    I second Woof's comments.

    I had the original version and accidentally broke it because the speaker part wasn't well connected to the rest of the frame. Many people at the time complained about distance/crackling/poor quality, so there definitely were initial production problems (apparently I had just gotten lucky).

    I ordered another one because the sale price was too good to pass up. I received what must've been hardware rev B or C (no cradle needed). The speaker was mounted totally different and much more secure. I've been very happy with it over the last 4-5 months and would recommend it. I've also noticed that the distance degrades with battery life, but I'd expect that with any BT headset. Even at near empty, I can avoid crackling by keeping it on my hip/in my hand. Otherwise, distance seems to be around 10-12 feet max.
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    Quote Originally Posted by gfunkmagic
    I have the Scala and never use it b/c of the crackling noise which makes it unusable. Imo, it is not worth buying even though the price may be very cheap...
    My SECOND Scala (after I returned my first one) is sitting in a drawer in my kitchen. It has been banished to that spot since the second day I had it. It's completely useless....
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    Yea, Cardo's gotten a bad rap because of their QC problems. Mine has always worked well, but not everyone has had a good experience with them.
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    Are there any stores ie. Best Buy, Circuit City, etc... that will let you test out a BT Headset before you buy? This would be great! I got the SE HBH-300 and hate it. I'm looking now at the Scala also, but would love to test drive one 1st.
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    I like my Scala. I have a generation 1 prior to all the improvements. It works pretty good. It seems to connect pretty slow though which can take some getting used to.

    The other thing I have found is that is seems to connect on a call even when I have left the headpiece in another room. This is amazing to me because it crackles so much when the phone is just on my hip, yet somehow connects unintendly.

    While this may not seem like much of an endorsement, it is. The price puts it over the top, especially since I am sure most other headsets have similar problems.

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