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    Does anyone here use TextPlus Anywhere on their 650 and NOT experience the following?

    When holding the shift key and typing a letter and then releasing the shift key, the next letter typed is also shifted (upper case).

    If I disable TextPlus Anywhere, the behavior disappears. Wondering if this is a bug in TextPlus (I think it is interacting with the Palm OS Initial Caps function...), or something else I have installed? Thanks
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    Yes, I had the same problem. A workaround is to set the minimum number of characters before TextPlus will make suggestions to 3, rather than 2. That solved it for me.

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    Dr. Grace,

    Sweeeeeeeeeet! Thank you. Gotta love this place...

    I know some folks here are faster without TextPlus, but I find it indispensible.

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