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    Now that I've got PQA's working on my Prism, I've been trying out many of them. But yesterday I tried to install a couple that refused to install. One of them was the Star CD pqa, and I'm not sure what the other one was.

    Under what circumstances will either the palm software or the handheld device refuse to accept certain software for installation?

    Hoe you can help!

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    Somebody help this man!
    BTW, did you try re-downloading the culprit PQAs?
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    I just downloaded and installed StarCD on my Prism so I'd guess the following needs to be addressed:

    A. I'm assuming you unzipped the file before attempting to install on the Prism.
    B. If A is true then perhaps there was an error during downloading from the net and you should reattempt download and reinstallation.
    C. If this doesn't work then go into the HotSync log and provide addtional information from the log as to why the pqa failed to install and other software that you might have that could be causing conflicts.

    The only time I've seen software fail to install is when there has been a hard reset and the software that's being installed has it's own desktop conduit and requires special circumstances in order to get that software reinstalled on a Palm platform. To name a few, Documents to Go can't be restored from a backup because of copywrite protection and other security issues.

    Try the above steps and then re-post to let us know how it goes.
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