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    My Treo 650 has been resetting itself about every hour for the last day or so. I think its time for a purge ... can somebody please confirm for me - - to Hard Reset I reset while holding down the up arrow? I am at work and cannot access the documentation easily, Thanks!!
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    What you described is a warm reset. If your treo is resetting every hour, then some alarm (Versamail autosync perhaps) is triggering it to do something every hour and causing the reset. You may be able to figure out the issue and eliminate it without a hard reset.

    What does ##377# (#*377 for GSM) in the phone app show you as the cause of the reset?

    Wouldn't use the hard reset unless as a last resort, but anyhoo, in order to do it, you need to be holding the red phone key down while doing a normal soft reset, then release the red phone button when you see the palm powered (gray) logo appear.
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