Hi guys, wonder if you can help.

I'm a palm tungsten t3 user, thinking of upgrading to a treo 650 - can you help with my following questions?

1) What "type" of bluetooth does the 650 have? v1.0, or the longer range (i think) v1.1?

2) Are there any UK based forums around?

3) I have a couple of options re provider - do i pay more for a phone from Orange, or get a better rebate on an unlocked one from, say Vodafone - may not mean much to you yanks tho'
4) I previously abandoned my Wi-fi card, but are there really no drivers for it for the 650?

5) Also, i use Brayder's jacksprat on my t3 - if anyone is familiar with this, can you do the same with the treo to maximise on board memory? or...
I've seen stripped down roms on this forum - are these fairly stable?

Thanks for your help.