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    hi all

    in the UK, the 650 is about 375 unlocked. I can pick up a GSM 650 from US sellers on ebay for about $450 inc. shipping which is about 250. Am I right in thinking that as long as it's GSM I won't have any compatibility issues?

    with regards to warranty, will palm honour the warranty on a US treo via the UK/europe service center or will it have to go back to the states if it needs a repair?
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    A GSM Treo will work anywhere in the world (even the UK!) as long as it is either unbranded or unlocked. I use a Cingular branded but unlocked Treo 650 in Turkey.

    As far as service and warranty go, I have no idea.
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    " long as it is either unbranded or unlocked..."

    Actually, unbranded makes no difference. It must be unlocked.

    Be aware that with something like an ebay purchase, if you have any problems regarding lock/unlock, say you get an AT&T one that Cingular disowned, you are between a rock and a hard place.

    So, set your expectation and be prepared mentally to deal with it. (ie: don't set your expectation to be plug in the sim and go, expect some hair pulling before you get it working.)
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    I have an unlocked Cingular Treo 650 and it works everywhere that I have traveled (including the UK), except for Japan. I suspect that it does not work in South Korea. I doubt that Palm will honor the warranty if you buy it off ebay.
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    My unlocked worked great in Ireland 2 months ago. You just have to find the right GSM provider (O2, Orange, etc.).

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    I use my Treo 650 internationally (in Asia) sometimes. I always use prepaid local SIM cards. The only issue I get is that I sometimes have to go to Phone -> Options -> Select Network and choose 900/1800 when I am out of the country. Lots of times, the "Auto" selection won't find the proper network...
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    Yeah, make sure it's unlocked. Also, even if it isn't, you can unlock yourself. Checkout for more info...
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    So am I to understand that my Verizon CDMA phone won't work when I go to the UK and South America?
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    Keep in mind - even if it's unlocked it will still *work*, it's just that you'll be paying international roaming which is very expensive.

    That being said, I took my unlocked, unbranded Treo to London, bought an Orange SIM for it, and it worked better than it ever did in the US. :-)
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    xpndc: I don't know about South America (it might even vary by country), but a Verizon or Sprint CDMA phone will definitely not work in Europe. You need a Cingular or T-Mobile account to be able to roam over there with the same phone you use here. I think Verizon and Sprint can rent you a phone if you travel to Europe but I don't think they have Treos in that program.
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    for the best thread EVER on GSM prepaid cards, see
    for the best thread on CDMA prepaid, see
    hope these help!
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    Gosh, the biggest problem is that when I use my phone in the UK can't understand a thing they are saying!

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    I have a T-Mobile account and was NOT informed by TMO that I needed to have my account for 3 months (supposedly) before they would 'turn on' the international roaming feature.

    When I went to Ireland this past Summer I had only had the account (former Sprint) for 2 months, so I found out the hard way AFTER getting to Ireland that TMO would not roam over there.
    If I went now I would simply use my TMO account and spend the extra money for international roaming. Otherwise just rent a pay-n-go SIM card from Orange, or O2, Or Vodaphone in the UK and it'll work fine. They have ATM style machines in stores where you can recharge your SIM as you go.

    Also make sure you ask about DATA usage since it is EXPENSIVE to use data on the prepaid SIM services.


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