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    Treo 650 unlocked & locked with Cingular
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    How stupid do these crack PRPRPR $guys$ $think$ $we$ $are$? $Just$ $because$ $they$ $announce$ $another$ $vague$ $time$ $frame$ $next$ $year$ $doesn$'$t$ $in$ $any$ $way$ $make$ $this$ $a$ $product$ $that$'$s$ $available$. $Here$'$s$ $an$ $idea$, $annouce$ $it$ $when$ $its$ $actually$ $available$. $May$ $then$ $I$ $might$ $believe$ $you$.

    BTW, except for being able to view the GAL, there's little here that my T650 and Versamail doesn't already do out of the box with our Exchange 2003 server. Its encrytped, it synchs email and calendar and I have attachment support already with the included Documents to Go. Oh, and I've been using it for almost a year now!
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    Palm is doing a very bad thing here in alienating Good and Chatter. RIM has figured out how to create a secondary market for themselves by creating a licensing group to sell and provide this. I am betting MS is not buying into it until it figures out how the Exchange SP2 and WM5 portion goes and if it is not successful Gates could buy RIM with his change on top of the dresser in his bedroom, sell off the RIM hardware side and make this work with WM5 and still have a a bizzillion dollars in his bank account. I still lobby Marc to do his push to WM5 to eliminate my quasi-SMS Push I am doing now with the PPC-6700. I send (with a rule) an SMS immediately and if I need the email I retrieve it then. If not I allow the timed pull every hour. Not a perfect world but it works till Marc comes out with something for us. Maybe he can call it WinChatter??
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