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    I have a replaytv and use dvarchive to get replay files onto the computer. How do I go about encoding files to get to a treo 650. I'm using a mac.
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    nobody knows how?
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    Not sure about replaytv, but I think this might work for you. I just discovered QTAmateur. It encodes all sorts of files in different formats. I have Eskape's MyTv X to watch TV on the Mac. It records as well. I can then use QTAmateur to conver the .mov file to a 3gp file, which is really small (about 1 meg/minute). I then use TCPMP to play the file on teh 650 from the card (need to add ".3gp" to the name of the file created). It works great.
    QTAmateur is at

    Hope that helps
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    thanks i'll try it out

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