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    I cant find my wall charger - either lost it or left it at work - and need one desparately -- battery is dead! I'll be driving to work (50 miles) to see if it's there, but I have a feeling it isn't ...

    If you're in the SF Bay Area and have an ac charger for a 600, or a 300 (I think even a 180 or 90's will work) please help me out! I'll pay a reasonable price and drive an unreasonable distance.

    I'd say call me but the phone is dead. PM please or mail weak attempt at thwarting 'bots -at- is @ obviously - anway, it's my "public" personal email address - spam away! that's what it's there for

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    Is there not a palm store somewhere nearby? Compusa, Staples, something that has treo accessories? (BTW-I picked up a couple car charges at a local .99 store).
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    Problem solved - someone locally had a NIB Treo 180 for cheap - I'll track down my extra charger and then sell the 180.

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