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    If you have access to a T|X, use fileZ and get the 2 Blazer files from rom. Post it here and I'll try it out on a custom 1.14 ROM.
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    I guess you need Blazer.prc (appl) and Blazer_enUS.prc (ovly)? I did some experiments already, but it keeps crashing my Treo 650 Unlocked GSM. Will attach files after confirmation which ones you need.
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    yes. Are you using the 1.14 rom (unlocked gsm) I posted? Blazer 4.0 from 1.13 rom doesn't work on 1.14 which is garnet 5.4.8 I'm just hoping the new Blazer 4.3 will since its from 5.4.9
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    Please include PalmSGHiResFonts if you find it on the T|X. You'll be the first to find out if I get this to work. : )
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    Got any IM so I can send you these off-forum?
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    I sent you pm with my email address. I'm just online now via my Treo.
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    I have a locked cingular 650 using 1.13.please send me the prc so I can
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    I dont think this will work. There's no way around this, its just not compatible with the Treo 650.
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    What's the advantage of using blazer 4.3 anyway?
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    Current 4.2 version has issues with connection when using proxy servers. 4.3 might have fixed that, same way it worked with 4.0

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