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    Ok here it goes!

    I was surfing one of my favorite websites and I ran across this link This is a J2ME (Java) software for Nextel phones and what it does is it allows you to track other people that have gps enable phones.

    Hmmm so I thought to myself, Self this is pretty neat. So I looked to see if they had any software for the Palm. Well, they didn't so my next thought was, is there anything that would allow me to run J2ME (java) app on a palm device and yes there is. I found this the only catch was that it said it was for palm 3.0, well I tried it and it almost worked but it causes my 600 to reboot everytime I click on my mologogo icon.

    Well I just thought I might post this for those that like tinkering with applications and it was kind of a GPS thing too.

    If you know of any way to get this to work I would love to hear about it.

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    You need a logon ID to access the site where the software is located.

    You can get the Treo version of Midp Java VM al the Palm web site.
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