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    I have a Sprint Treo 650 that synch's to my laptop (IBM t42) via the IR connection just fine. I am trying to sych this via the usb port, I have done this succesfully before with my treo 600.

    In the hotsynch setup on my computer local usb is checked
    I have done a reset on the treo 650 several times
    When I hit the hotsynch button on the treo, the laptop plays the tone like a hotsynch will begin but nothing happens.
    When the hotsynch software was installed, the laptop found the new usb device and I was able to install the treo.

    Any thoughts on why this is not working?
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    This happenned to me once on my pc. Try a different usb port if you have one. Also, try disconnecting everything and then reconnecting. Finally you might have to reinstall the palm desktop...
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