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    Ok, I'm about to splunk down the cash for a Verizon Treo. I've been using a Cingular Treo for several months and callers always tell me I sound like I'm talking through a tin can. Add that to the static and dropped calls I got and you can understand why I left them.

    So what is the general consensus about the Verizon 650? Does it have the "tin can" phenomenon? Or, does it sound great, no problems?

    You guys are always super helpful, so thanks in advance!
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    I've had no problems with Verizon. But I think your area has a lot to do with it. I picked Verizon because for my area, it has the best coverage.
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    i also use verizon and have no trouble. my treo works better than my lg without the tri-mode
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    no problems on verizon, and as an lg devotee was pleasantly suprised that I get more bars on the treo. Never had a voice clarity issue whether it was lg, moto or the treo.
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    Again, it does depend on the area, but from anecdotal evidence, most metropolitan areas do have good VZW coverage.

    Down here in Ft Lauderdale (and all of Florida, I travel throughout the state), their coverage is great.
    I had a Treo 650 for 2 weeks (wanted to try it w/o extending my contract) and I couldn't be happier with the service -even the dreaded speakerphone worked loud and clear, while driving in my car with my window half-way down on a highway.

    Try it out, VZW -like most carriers- let you try them for 14 days and you can return w/o a cancellation fee, just a prorated bill.
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    I an several people I know have the Verizon 650. No problems for us, they work great. I thing the Verizon 650 is having less trouble than the other 650's, mainly because of the Verizon firmware. If you read these boards, many of the resets and lockups occur with some of the other carriers. Verizon waited a lot longer to bring out their 650 and maybe they did a better job on compatibility issues.
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    I use Verizon in the SF Bay Area and the sound is fine, but dropped calls are a daily fact of life.

    Tom O'Connell
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    I've had my Verizon Treo 650 for about two months and LOVE IT! I came over from AT&T/Cingular TDMA and it's much better.

    I have Hardware B, ROM 1.03. No dropped calls, no static, no crashes, no bugs, excellent coverage, excellent sound quality. I'm in the Northeast.

    Verizon has a 30 day trial so you can try before you commit.

    One thing you might want to consider is the "Extra Choice" combo plan. 1,350 Minutes + UNLIMITED Data for $110 per month - and I think they give you $100 off the Treo too if you sign up for a Data plan.

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    I agree with Gekko (great tip) even though it is usually a ridiculous amount of money to pay unless you need that many minutes. It literally would double my phone bill and 700-800 minutes is fine for me. This plan makes sense only because Verizon rapes you with their data plan - $45 per month and only for your phone. Thus you'd play the same money getting a standard 800 minute plan + data access.
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    I got the phone and the data plan...$299. It's a good deal, and I'm very satisfied with the phone. Crisp clear calls, and the Verizon Treo itself doesn't seem as buggy and crash prone. Interesting...

    I plan on canceling the data plan after 90 days and using CSD for my internet use. $45 is a little much for me...but I did like saving a hundred bucks on the spot buying the phone.

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