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    I'm considering getting a Palm TX to go with my Treo 650. I've paid for many programs and want to also be able to use them on my TX. So should I just tell the new device to sync w/ the same ID as I use on my treo 650?

    Is anyone else in a similar situation?

    Can you think of any major problems with this? The devices are pretty different on will be 320x320 and the other like 480x320. Will that cause problems? Do I actually need to have a different ID?

    If I need a different ID that will be a pain in the rear becuase I guess that would mean I would have to get new IDs from developers of the programs I use?

    Any thoughts or tips will be greatly appreciated.

    (BTW, the reason I'm getting the TX is so I can leave my laptop behind and have a decent sized screen with me to take notes. My treo 650 will be the "take everywhere device" while the TX will be my read in bed, take to class, and take to meetings device.")
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    No way it will work with two different devices with that same ID. The only chance would be to turn of the system sync but probably not even then, besides then you would not have a back up of system settings.
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    so what's the best thing to do as far as contacts and apps go if I gave 2 different devices?
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    As a developer I take issue with putting the same applications on two different devices with out paying for 2 copies of the applications.

    You are, after all paying for two pieces of hardware. Why shouldn't you pay for two copies of the software?
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    1. You are only paying for 1 license of the software, not 2. Therefore you should not run it on 2 devices simultaneously.

    2. If you sync 2 devices to the same ID there will be some confusion of data. I am not sure what would happen to calendar and contacts that are changed on one device, then synced. When you sync the 2nd device, it will probably think those items were deleted and then delete them from the desktop. Not at all recommended.

    All of that said, there are hacks that will allow you to use a different hotsync id depending upon the app. Changename and multiuser hack come to mind although I do not know if either is comaptible with OS5 or the Treo. You could use a new hotsync id for your PIM data and your old one for registered apps.
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    Based upon what I've heard, my plan will be to create a new ID, copy over contacts (calendar will be on 650, maybe I won't even copy over contacts).

    BAsically, I need my Bible program and Dictionary for the TX (whickh I haven't bought yet.

    Then I will contact the developers of these two applications, explain to them the situation, and ask them what they think the best course of action should be. If they say it's a violation of the license agreement then I'll have to repurchase those programs. Seems fairly simple.

    So it seems pretty certain that I'll need 2 IDs. I'm concerned how 2 different Docs to Go ID's will do and if the TX and Treo 650 will use different Palm Desktop versions.
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    I would check on Docs to go. I think you can install it on as many palms as you have. I believe the license is really for the desktop app. It allows you to send the handheld apps to any device that has hotsynced to your computer.

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