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    I have the unlimited PDA data plan on Cingular. I will be traveling for the next few months and be going on line with my laptop via DUN on the 650. My question, has anyone been charged additional data rates by using their 650 with a laptop? I checked the cingular site and their unlimited laptop plan required a PCMCIA card. I have a Mac so that isn't an option.

    Any and all info would be appreciated.


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    sprint charged me for using DUN, but not for using pdanet.
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    I have not been charged any additional $ for using bluetooth DUN by Cingular. I have an unlimited data plan. So far as I know, data is data. There is no way for them to know on their end what device is actually doing the browsing.

    Of course, I wouldn't be surprised if at some point they look at my data access and revise the terms of my contract.

    Also, keep in mind, that the minute you leave the US, all bets are off (just finished paying off a $900 bill for data on an 18 day trip).
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    Quote Originally Posted by blocktek

    Also, keep in mind, that the minute you leave the US, all bets are off (just finished paying off a $900 bill for data on an 18 day trip).
    Paid $450 for using DUN while in Canada for four days. It doesn't take much to accumulate a large bill when you are outside of your service area. Actually you will also get charged for data while using just your Treo for GPRS use. In the U.S., I have the unlimited Cingular data plan (before they dropped it) and pay no more than $19/ mo.
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    I use my Unlimited MediaNet package to dial up all the time, never a single unexpected charge. Just the standard $24.99 a month for the unlimited data.


    In the continental US

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    If you have the PDA unlimited plan on Cingular, tethering on a laptop is covered in your unlimited Data as is all data usage. They do not differentiate PDA and DUN usage. If you are ever charged extra it's a billing error. The Terms and Conditions say that if you tether they may take away your unlimited data plan but do not say they will charge you extra. Despite what the T&C says, tethering tolerated on that plans so don't worry about it.
    See this thread for more detail on tethering and Cingular's position on doing so with PDA data connect plan.
    I have Media Net and I use DUN on infrequent occassions. It has always been included in my unlimited.
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