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    Nice case, can withstand a fall for sure.

    The red felt on the inside is totally ugly.

    My treo is not even close to the bottom of the case. is this normal? maybe is for a fall, but its not even close and makes the treo much longer...
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    I just got mine and the Treo is just a little bit above the case bottom -- you can just see a sliver of daylight between the bottom of the keyboard and the bottom lip of the case.

    The thing that drove me crazy about the case is that I couldn't use the headphone jack because bottom cutout was too small. I had read about this problem from reviews, so when I e-mailed Itzkitz and they offered to send me a replacement, I didn't bother -- sounds like a general problem. What I did was take a pair of needlenose pliers and bend back the flap of leather blocking the headset jack; now I'm pretty happy.
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    Got the treokitz for myself and the wife. Granted it's a great buy compared to the Vaja but I was unhappy when I got it. It didn't look like the picture on the site... very minor differences. I suppose I got so wound up reading rave reviews about Vaja I couldn't bare to pay those prices for a case.... it's just a case. Did a little reading here and there and fell upon itzkitz and their treokitz line. Yes, itzkitz has a great sub for the pricey Vajas. They also give great accessories that come in the box. Thing is, it just wasn't what I was expecting.

    Put in the order for 2 Vaja i-volution cases and committed to the "crap-in-your-pants" price tag. Should have listened to the wife from the beginning... "if you were looking for a Vaja-esque case for the Treo, why not just buy the Vaja and get it over with.... why settle?" Looking at it this way..... we all paid 300-400 for our 650's, might as well splurge a little more and get a quality case for a quality phone/pda. Not gonna put t-shirts on ferrari seats to protect it.
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    mine just showed up, and i must say i think it's alright. the "red velvet" i find amusing. the issue with the Treo reaching to the bottom seems to be that while the back half of the shell is flush with the bottom, the front falls a millimeter or two short -- it's a non-issue as far as secureness (the Treo fits snugly) or use. the bit overhanging the headphone jack is somewhat more of a genuine inconvenience -- not sure whether to bend it back, or shave it with a blade.

    before applying the screen protector, can anyone offer any reports? it seems kind of stiff compared to the one that came with my Treo, which needs replacing after seven months.

    overall so far it strikes me as a legit bargain. here's a plus: when i was walking back from the post office i could feel something banging around the inside of the package. when i opened it, what did i see but a little pair of Treo cufflinks! they're adorable, but apart from the fact i only have two shirts with French cuffs i'm not sure when i'd wear them but i certainly appreciated the thought.
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    The treokitz screen protector is by far the best screen protector I've seen. Takes a few tries to get it on right w/out having any fingerprints on it but it's amazing. I had purchased a pack of PalmOne screen protectors (the stickers you have to scissor trim to fit the screen) and they scratch very easily.... literaly a few days later by merely using the stylus. The ones that came with the treokitz is thicker but its a lot more durable. The fit is perfect and best of all, you can wash 'em and reuse them. I washed with warm water and dish soap.... it got all the fingerprints and dust off. Also be sure to use a credit card to push the protector onto the treo's screen and force any air bubbles out from underneath. Once it's on, it's as if you don't have anything there.
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    Anybody know if this itzkitz company is still around? I can't seem to find them on the internet.
    ROOTING for WebOS makes me more sympathetic to Cubs fans.
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    dunno; still waiting on the replacement they promised me from last may.......
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    Whoa! I tried getting to that site over the weekend and it just kept hanging... Guess I T1 went down in Hong Kong somewhere. Thx.
    ROOTING for WebOS makes me more sympathetic to Cubs fans.
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    All sold out. Too bad.... might go with the Krusell Cabriolet.
    ROOTING for WebOS makes me more sympathetic to Cubs fans.
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    Since the Treokitz 650 is sold out, has anyone tried using a Treokitz 600 with a Treo 650. Will it fit?
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    Don't know. But their support told me that there would be new 650 kitz in April. But he also told me he would send me a sample case in the meantime to protect my 650. This was back in mid March so take it for it was worth.
    ROOTING for WebOS makes me more sympathetic to Cubs fans.

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