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    Hey guys , how u doin ...

    well i got a prob. in Treo650 and im new with it ...

    when i want put HotSync Cable .. and put it ON .. when i download some applications and send them to Treo 650 .. nothing happend .. cant find them in treo ... even i dunno which program i use.. i tried to send with "palmone Quik install" and PalmPowered programs... nothing happend ..cant find them ..

    is there a way that i can send them to my treo 650 through HotSync Cable ...

    or maybe im doing some mistake , like im downloading applications for other plams ?! .. im downloading some of them for Palm OS to Treo650 ...

    really im confused .. Sorry guys =)

    thx .. i wish u can help me

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    First, did you read the manual?

    Second, what programs are you trying to install? Do they show up in the Palm Quick Install before you sync and then are gone from the Quick install when after you sync?
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    I first sync , then I open the quik install I put them in list then I click DONE , after this I go to palm nothing happen...
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    You need to sync after placing the files into Quick Install. . .
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    You have to put them in the list BEFORE you sync. Once they are listed, THEN you sync, and they will disappear from the list. When they disappear, that means they have been installed on your Treo.
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    Sync again!

    You're backwards. Drag files (or double click the prc) into Quick Install and then sync. The Forum That Asks, "Are You Not Entertained?"

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    ohhhhh ok lol sorry guys ..

    anyway really thx very much guys ...

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