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    I am out of town and forgot my Treo 650 charger - can I charge using the HotSync cable? I thought I could, but I have it plugged in and it is not charging. I have no interest in buying a new charger for the weekend...
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    No it doesn't charge unless you brought the plug. The only ones that charge without a plug are the third party ones, like my minisync.
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    In fact, it's my belief that companies (like palm) shy away from drawing large amounts of power from USB because they don't want the product liability when some random type of laptop or desktop executes the old HCF instruction.

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    My Treo does charge when it's connected to the hotsync cable, but very slowly. I am using the cable that came with the 650.
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    Your Treo hotsync cable has two parts... the larger (data) part and the smaller (power) part. The stock cable has an "in" for the power part on the bottom. If you have this cable, you will find that the power inputs on the Treo are connected to the "in" port on the bottom only, and any perception of charging is your imagination.
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    I get a very slow trickle charge when connected with the hotsynch cable, perhaps if you are traveling and leave it plugged in and your laptop on overnight you would get a charge.

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    You must have your computer on for the trickle charging to work.
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    The trickle may work a bit faster than you think. Hotsync cable charging works surprisingly well (and in most cases the computer does have to be on)
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    The supplied hotsync cable (w/o the AC plug hooked up) provides enough charge for my 650 to keep its charge with normal use. I leave it plugged in most of the day at work and the charge never goes below 90 or so with heavy use.
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    Mine definitely charges on the hotsync cable. Now if the darned thing would just do a hotsync reliably. . .
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