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    I want to leave Cingular and go to Verizon. Is there anything I can do to make the GSM to CDMA conversion possible with my GSM Treo? ROM flash, or hardware hack? I'm good with the soldering iron

    I searched everywhere and found this, but I need to know if it's valid information...

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    WHat that means is you have to pick the correct rom for your phone. You cannot upgrade a gsm phone with a cdma rom and vice versi. I don't believe there is any way to do what you want without changing the whole innards.
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    The radios used for GSM and CDMA are completely different and not compatible. You will have to buy a new phone to make the switch.
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    Well... if you're a 'leet hardware hacker and can find a damaged CDMA treo (broken screen or somesuch), you might find that youc an extract the radio (there's some likelyhood that it's a module) and marry it to your previously GSM hardware.

    There's a lot of if's and but's in this proceedure, tho
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    Sure you can, sell the old one and buy a CDMA one
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    Sounds good guys...thanks for the input! I will just sell the Treo to cover the new startup fee's with Verizon and the early termination with Cingular....and just get a crappy free phone to tide me over until I can afford to pick up a CDMA Treo....

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