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    This is becoming a very annoying problem for me. I am not sure if all of you have experienced this but it is happening to me daily if not hourly. Furthermore I hope Marc can come up with a fix for this ASAP.

    I love and use Chatter so much! The easy handling of the screen, being able to just push D and M to delete and move files. Easy access to my corporate account and others. It has corrupted my way of thinking!

    I was in the SMS App yesterday and I had a lot of SMS's some I wanted to delete some I wanted to put into a folder. I kept pushing D to delete it--wouldn't work! I GOT PISSED! Then I pushed M to move, the same thing. WHY WAS THIS NOT WORKING!

    Then I was in Docs-to-Go, same thing, I tried D and M and Space nothing!

    Chatter is so good it has converted me to that way of life! I need help I know, I am seeking medication as we speak, but until then, I ask if Marc could be hired by Palm or whoever owns Palmsource as a private consultant to fix this and make my Treo a ChatterTreo with all the Functions of Chatter (including the excellent daily updates.) This would be fabulous.

    Thanks again Marc for such a wonderful program.

    Back to Chatter - I mean my Treo.
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