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    Hey guys I am a sprint emloyee and I just got my treo. I'm just trying to figure out what programs I can download or get that dont cost anything that will help me get the most and make my it operate the best it can or cool stuff to put on there. Thanks guys.
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    There is a ton of free stuff out there and a lot of commercial applications that you can use pretty much forever if you can handle the nag screens.

    AvantGo is a great free app that gives you a ton of content to choose from. Palm also has a free service called Addit that will give you free Reuters news and more (see the discussion on this board for the download link)

    Astraware has a ton of awesome games with very generous trial periods, Bejewelled is a favorite, Astro Defence and about thirty others. Their new Sudoku game is highly addictive.

    You will want to install some utilities that tweak your Treo. A new one just out that appears very good is Central. Others worth checking out include VolumeCare, TreoGuard and Butler. All are commercial but cheap.

    Have a look around the new Palm Software Store I use to be a Palmgear person but there is just so much rubbish listed that it is tough to find the good applications. Palm has limited the range from their store and so there is a lot more quality.
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