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    A search of the forum for "nvfs", cluster size, etc. hasn't yielded anything current or conclusive as to exactly where the current updates (specifically VZW) put us. Supposedly, there have been memory "improvements" (which I would assume refer to a reduced cluster size, but I don't really know...)
    The reason I'm asking is because every time I install an app, even if I move it to card (ZLauncher), I lose about 100K, presumably due to stubs, prefs, etc left in main memory. The current version of Resco Explorer has an "Nvfs Size" on the on the General tab of the Info page which, I believe, is supposed to show how much Nvfs space a file uses. The problem is that for a number of different 80 byte files, the Nvfs numbers are all over the map, 0 bytes, 2k, 3k.

    I'm hoping that some of the guts-of-the-os guys here can help me to get a handle on where my ram is going. I love the Treo, but memory management is critical, and I have to select or reject apps partly on the basis of how much memory they use. The temptation is to initially disqualify apps like Agendus, because they are huge, but I'm beginning to suspect that on Nvfs, an app like Versamail, which litters the device with fifty 80 byte files in addition to the mother ship, is actually worse.

    Is there is a way that I can look at the file sizes in the Install directory before a hotsysnc and know ahead of time how much space it's _really_ gonna take up on the device, a formula of some kind? I know this won't work for the "exploding" prc's.

    On another note, I remember when we used to piggyback ram chips in our 512k Amiga's to get 1 meg of RAM. Has anyone ever heard of even a mention of a possibility to hack more physical memory into a Treo 650? I suspect the actual memory is probably burried in some ASIC, but, I can still hope... You know it's kinda sad. You almost wonder if Palm did any market research at all while designing the 650. First of all , memory is cheap. Was it a battery life issue? I'll bet I couldn't find one person on TreoCentral who would not have paid an extra 50 bucks for even 32megs more memory, even if it cost 20 minutes of "Talk Time" or a few hours of standby. What were they thinking?
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    Look out - mentioning that the Treo doesn't have enough memory brings out the flamers here.

    I don't think PalmOne was thinking at all when they decided to stick with the same size chip of the 600 when they spec'd the 650. Maybe they saved a few bucks, maybe the carriers egged them into it, maybe they didn't hear us users and developers yelling loud enough about the misery of working with 23MB in the 600, maybe..... If it weren't for the NVFS issues so bad that even Palm was forced to admit them about a WEEK after release (nice beta testing, guys), people who expect enough memory to work well would have been even MORE isolated by the Palm apologist crowd.

    In the end, the 650 has the terribly small RAM they gave it, and in the year since it was released nobody seems to have begun an updating service (like Tony Rubino back in the Palm V days) to upgrade the RAM chips to 128MB or so.. Since there seems to be a huge interest in adding more real RAM to the 650s, my conclusion is that it's nearly impossible to upgrade the unit.

    As it appears there's no real Palm successor to the Treo 650 line coming up soon, I've finally bit the bullet and done a Shadowmite custom ROM that has given me a precious extra 4MB or so. I feel like a kid in a candy store after months of living with 1MB or so free on the 650, and the 600 before that. Still can't put a couple programs on that I'd like to, and Docs to Go's workaround system farts out a lot, but overall the ROM hacking freed up enough RAM to be happier about the unit. The Shadowmite method is likely all that can be done to redeem the 650's memory problems until a good Treo is released.

    Your post made me recall the day back in 1984 when I sat with a friend and his soldering iron swapping out the 128KB of DIP chips on my IBM PCjr and replacing them with a total of 512KB. Oh, if it were that simple to upgrade the Treo 650!
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