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    Hi all,
    Recently, my Treo 650 has been acting up. It would reset every so and so and doesn't do so on a regular basis. It is annoying, and drains the battery out really fast. Here's what the error message says if I leave my Treo in Applications:
    A reset was caused on
    10/12/05 at 9:23 pm
    while running "Applications":

    Line:2679,Chunk over-

    If I leave my Treo in the Phone app, then the message will say:

    A reset was caused on
    10/12/05 at 9:45 pm
    while running "Phone":

    Line:2679,Chunk over-

    Here's a list of apps I have:

    Beyond Contacts
    Clock (Palmary Clock)
    Documents To Go
    filepc2pda (Palm File Browser)
    HandZipper Lite
    Passwords Plus

    Thank you.
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    robin24K - I hate to say it but you may have a hardware problem that requires a replacement. Do a search here for "MemoryMgr.c", "Line:2679" and "Chunk over-locked". You'll find this has been discussed and debated but the ultimate solution has been to get a replacement issued due to a hardware problem with the memory.

    I just got mine done earlier this week and have had no problem since. I can now run apps that were never stable on my original 650 (VeriChat, Chatterm etc.). The only thing that worries me is that my original Treo started off being stable, so who knows what caused the problem.
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    Chunk overlocked can also mean that something is trying to perform over 14 locks on a single record in a database.

    You might try turning off Agendus handling alarms, disabling Pal Clock, turn off any Snappermail automatic downloads or SD card management, and disconnect Verichat. And if I missed any other resident type programs, disable those as well.

    I suspect you have a bad interaction between third party programs.

    Here's basically what happens.. Some program over-locks/under-locks, or clears out a database from nvfs dbcache. Whatever the next program is that works with that database is blamed for the crash that results.

    Good luck, PalmOS should handle this stuff more gracefully.. Careful installation/testing of new programs, and using Resco Locker can help too.
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    This happened to me. I strongly recommend a hot sync backup, a hard reset, and then just surf the internet with your Treo. If you get more of them, even less frequent, then you should exchange your unit. I had to.

    Here is the thread where people had the same problem you had:

    Good luck!
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