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    Looking to get rid of some of the clutter on my Prism. Is it okay to delete DateBook and just keep DateBook+? And if so, why give us both DateBook & DateBook+?

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    Datebook is in ROM. You can't delete it.
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    Thanks. So, now that I am using Action Names, can I get rid of Datebook+ instead?
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    Not sure about that one. But I suspect you can't delete Datebook+ either. It's one of Handspring's enhancements to PalmOS so it's prob'ly in ROM too. I'm pretty sure that you can't hurt anything by trying though.
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    Datebook+ is also in ROM and Jupe is correct you can't hurt by trying. If there are any items in the datebook+ database they might be deleted but the application won't.

    If you attempt to delete a core/ROM application you'll get an error message and no changes will occur.
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    The Delete function will not let you delete the "built-in" apps (Datebook and Datebook+ are both contained in ROM).
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