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    I'm going ot be getting a 650 through Verizon at the end of the month. What do I need to know? I've never had a Treo before so all this is new to me. Is there anything I need to download once I get it? and will I need the data plan to download whatever I need to download? I was going to wait until I get a steady job to get the data plan and just use the calendar and phone part right now, but if I need the data plan now then I will get it and do without other things until I can get a steady job

    Thanks for all the help!
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    You can get the Verizon service w/o a data plan. I got it that way with the idea I'm switching employers and the new job will cover the phone and data plan. Here in AZ the unlimited data plan is about $45 additional to your monthly bill I believe.
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    There is a lot of information in these forums. Just start reading and you will learn a lot.
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    First off, with Verizon you are getting the best network. This is no commercial it's the truth. You will actually be able to have a conversation on your cell without yelling or getting cut off in mid sentence.

    I would suggest you get the unlimited data plan to start. I believe you get a $100 discount off the purchase price with the unlimited plan. After you have had a chance to see what you usage is, you can cut the plan back to a 20mb level. The difference is $20 per month. So you could go for five months with the unlimited and break even on the $100 credit. But you may find in a month or so that you don't need unlimited and you can keep the savings. (:-))
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    Brittany - JimK's advice is right-on.

    I would NOT recommend cutting back. There are too many horror
    stories about excessive, unexpected high-web-usage levels.

    Stay with the unlimited. Forget about saving $20 (or whatever).
    You're at the cutting edge with something not many people have.

    Just surf a little more, will ya?
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    Have you used a palm before? if not you might try searching this site for discussions on that topic. Snapper is a good email program. Quicken has a great palm version of it's finance software.

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