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    I have discovered that regardless of FW or SW version that snappermail is the cause of the freeze/slow problem I have sometimes on the treo. I find that if this happens it's right after 10 am when snapper does it's auto task. I find there is no way to disable the autotask. I don't get the freeze all the time but when it does happen its right after the autotask. Even if you set it to not move mail to the card it still does something. I know this becuase at 10am the treo light comes on for a split second and I see the Snapper logo in the background. I removed Snapper and am going back to Versa

    650 tmobile 1.13/1.43
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    Not that I've seen.. Maybe because I don't send email to the SD card, I just read off the imap server so as I read the email elsewhere I move it to another folder, which I don't sync any other folders.

    Might try turning off sending it to the SD card and see if that helps..
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    I did turn it off but it still trys to do something.
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    Why don't you set the autotask to 3:00 AM as in the default setting?
    Anyway, I read my mail off an IMAP server too, so I haven't experienced this problem.
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    Yeah, it bugs me that you can't turn off the auto-task, even if it's not set to do anything. Mine happens at 3:05AM, and every night the Treo lights up for a second (which always freaks me out because I assume it's having a spontaneous reset --again-- and I might need to restore it). Then if it's plugged into the charger, the screen never goes off.

    I can't wait until Agendus Mail fixes their huge, monstrous bugs so I can delete Snapper again.
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    I don't think it matters what time i change it to. It still will sometime although rare cause the freeze slowness where i have to reset it.
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    Snapper doesn't run anything if it's set to "Never remove mail" and "Keep mail in RAM", which is fine if you use imap..

    If you use pop, you could always do this stuff manually ever so often if you're convinced that it's causing problems.
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    well i've had minor "hickups" with snapper,but it's a whole world of difference from for now it stays.
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    My autotask is at 305am and my
    Snappermail works perfectly for me.

    I'm never up at that time. :-)

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