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    Hey all - This may be in the wrong forum but I just installed it on my 650 so I guess it counts. I found a code for Agendus Pro that lets you buy it for $10 instead of $40. If anyone is interested the code is RAPPX000U and you have to buy it from directly.

    Have a great one!
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    No, it's not the right forum, especially with an entire grouping of forums labeled SOFTWARE, but thanks for the tip anyhow!
    I'm back!
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    Just to clarify, this code is for Agendus Pro (on PalmOS, but not the Desktop Companion for Outlook).

    If you don't mind sharing how you came across the code, I'd like to try and get some sort of a code for the Desktop Companion. (If you don't want to post publicly to the list, but are willing to PM me, that's OK with me too.)

    Also another interesting thing: Iambic now seems to be offering a "subscription service" where you get a year's worth of updates for $14.95 (after buying AgPro 10). I assume this is for the PalmOS version, but I'm wondering if anyone has seen similar offers on their web page for those of you who have already bought other products from Iambic (like the AgendusPro desktop, or AgendusStandard). Thanks in advance, I'm just curious!

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    There is a website called Hot Deals Club and they post various deals on the web. You can buy a subscription to see more time sensative deals but you can just look at the website without a subscription as well. I did not see anything about the Desktop Companion.

    I had not seen anything on the subscription service on Iambic but it seems like double dipping on the part of Iambic if I have to pay to subscribe and pay for the upgrade. Just my opinion though.
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    Thanks for where you got this from.

    I would hold off on buying the 1 year subscription until their next release, then buy the 1 year subscription the day that I'm ready to upgrade to Agendus 11. Since upgrades from one version to the next in the past have cost me around $10, they'd have to have 2 upgrades within the year to make it worth my while. I haven't followed their release schedule, but I think they have about 2 major releases a year. If so, I'd be saving about $5 that way, but as luck would have it, the might time their release so as to minimize the number of people who get the release. To increase the probability of not falling into that boat, I'd delay by another month or so after a new release comes out before buying the subscription. (Once on the subscription, I guess I'd no longer be able to time buying the next year but instead would be on an anniversary.)

    That raises a good question: If you move to the subscription, then maybe that takes you out of the pool of getting the next release for 25% of retail. Maybe I'll ask the agendus salespople how this will work before signing up.

    thanks for your reply and your insights,
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    PS: Thanks for sharing the code too!

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    I guess that's $30 off for beta testing the program?
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    Glad to Help!

    khaytus - That is my fear. Supposedly this is 10.0.1 but that .1 has not given me a lot of reassurance...yet, but the 30 day money back makes feel like I am safe. So far no resets but I am only a few hours in with minimal usage.
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    I'm holding off on this upgrade until I hear word of a Treo700p!
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    Just Registered. Thanks for the $30!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by KevMeister
    I'm holding off on this upgrade until I hear word of a Treo700p!
    Yeah, really. I find myself hesitating to buy more and more palm software, for fear that the platform will be dead soon.

    I think $10 is a good deal for Agendus Pro...but the program is just too bloated and requires too many taps to get things done. I'll stick with 2day/DB5.

    Good post for those who like Agendus. I can't get used to it, personally...(been w/DB3, DB4, now DB5).
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    I own DateBk5 but I keep wanting a little more, so I try Agendus for a few weeks.. Eventually I get tired of it acting weird and go back to DateBk5.

    So far Agendus 10.01 isn't too bad though.
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    Thanks for the infor. and do you have any other code for the lambic products?
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    Does this apply to a new purchase or upgrade purchase only?
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    I bought new. Glad I did it with this code because I'm not impressed so far. Seems to be a rather clumsy app IMO.
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