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    Does anyone know how i can print an isolo document on my PC. I've had a look for converters but so far have been unsuccessful.
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    I haven't fooled w/Isilo much, so I'm just throwing ideas out here, trying to help:
    I'll assume you know about IR Print and TealPrint (not sure if it supports non-IR), and for some reason aren't interested in printing w/IR (maybe don't have a printer w/an IR port ... though MANY PUBLIC LIBRARIES DO ... I think it's the HP 4 or 5 laserjet series).
    The file format maybe be able to be "converted" simply by changing the extension from .PDB to .TXT or .HTM or .HTML - I believe I've done this w/the native Memo Pad app in the past (don't remember what I was doing or why).
    Then you might be able to paste it into a desktop app, and print from there.
    I think Win'98 and after have QUICK VIEW / QUICK VIEW PLUS built-in, which can read a ton of file formats, and I'm fairly certain lets you both cut & paste and/or print from the window it opens. (Otherwise, I'm sure you can find and download it or a similar app from the 'Net.)
    If not, finally, and if you're really "pretty desperate," you can always to the "PrintScreen" trick, where you hit that key, then paste it into Paint or something and just "print it as a picture," just for the sake of having a printout, even if you can't edit the text, etc.

    Also, if Isilo lets you save in .DOC format (or .TXT or something), you can just save it in like SmartDoc (now QuickWord, I think), and cut & paste into some desktop app. You might end up losing the HTML coding, but as I say, depending on how desperate you are, at least you'll have some kind of printout...
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    Long Time Ago I downloaded a program call Word DOC Convertor - It converts PC > Palm and Vice Versa. I have used it sparingly, but it works. Unfortunately, I forgot where I downloaded it from. I can email the .zip file to you if you are interested.
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    Well Affirm, I wonder if this is the same converter as DocReader?

    When Stevepowell61 initiated this thread I played around with DocReader Version 0.67 and iSoloW32 v.2.2 but was unable to convert documents back and forth.

    I'm all ears when someone comes up with a solution. There must be a way.

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