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    Does anybody know anywhere to get a replacement lanyard for the HBH-662 Headset? I have called Sony-Ericsson and emailed them and get the same response every time. They don't have extras available for sale or free, they don't even have a part number for the item. I've probably taken up more of their employee's time in salary than the cost of a new headset. They tell me nobody else has ever called them seeking a replacement or a spare one which I find hard to believe.

    Any ideas?
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    Wow. Nice to know I'm not the only one who has been looking for one of these... I never bothered to contact S-E because I figured things like that are probably an afterthought for them and a pain in the **** for SKU/inventory purposes to end users. And the fact I know I'd probably end up losing the replacement anyways.

    I can only suppose some TC user that owns a 662 and does not use the lanyard would probably part with it for a nomimal shipping fee (eg, a few stamps) for you... or me

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