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    Quote Originally Posted by mgtakahashi
    Ok, I am looking into buying the Seidio G4850M GPS+TomTom Car Kit, but I have a question.

    1) How is the re-routing time with TomTom?
    My experience is that TomTom is faster with route calculation, both original and re-calculation. While Mapopolis is fast if run from primary store, I did not have sufficient space for it. From the card, it was slow. TomTom expects to run from the card and is quite quick.

    I have to say that I do not have high confidence in TomTom route selection. For example, it seems to have a strong preference for interstate highways. I live in the Northeast. Here we have parkways. A parkway differs from a thruway in that it has no trucks. TomTom prefers thruways over parkways, sometimes even if both the time and distance are longer. Parkways often parallel thruways. Even after I have chosen a parkway and TomTom has recalculated, it still tries to take me back to the thruway at every opportunity.
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    Thanks MarkY,

    Also, I am not sure, but how does TomTom(TT) hadles phone calls. For example, if I currently using the nav., and I receive a phone call. What happens when I finished the phone call. Does TT automatic switch over to nav and reconnect with gps?
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    On 650.....with a wired unit, it auto reconnects....BT unit no.

    Om is suppossed to reconnect tho many peeps having hard luck getting it to work.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JackNaylorPE
    with a wired unit
    You mean the Seidio G4850M
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    Quote Originally Posted by mgtakahashi
    You mean the Seidio G4850M
    or G2350S that I use.

    The 4850 has a speaker and using the speaker will not allow the BT headset to capture the audio on GSM phones. The 2350 doesn't have the speaker and therefore has no issue with GSM phones.

    Go to the TreoCentral home page, click "reviews" then select "kits". Chap does a fine job of reviewing both of them.
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