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    I deleted all of my SD Card shortcuts in ZLauncher (using the ZL Menu app).

    When I tried to rebuild the shortcuts (again, using the ZL Menu app). I get errors saying that the database is corrupt. When I look at my SD card, the apps are there and in the proper ZLauncher directory.

    Any thoughts?
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    You might try moving/deleting the ZLauncherDB, but I'm not sure offhand what else is in there.

    YOU SHOULD be able to do Delete All Shortcuts then Update All Shortcuts.. And then Refresh Apps.. I get 'em mixed up. I do it every so often, for some reason a ZL Shortcut will just disapear and either I do Delete/Refresh, or I browse to it and copy it to ram and make another shortcut.. Heh.

    Good luck.. I think deleting that DB will fix it, but move it to your SD card first in case there's more to it than that.. Exit ZLauncher and move it using Filez.

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