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    I agree.

    The static is a big issue with this headset. You basically have to have the Treo in line of site with the headset or you'll have static. I like to leave the phone in my pocket and use my BT headset but it really doesn't work well with the 640.

    The fit of the headset on the ear is surperb. It's the most comfortable headset I've owned (I've owned a lot.)

    As long as you're keeping your Treo in line of sight with the headset then I say go for it.
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    It all depends on how you plan to use it. I like to have the Treo on my belt but since my arm would be in between the Treo and the 640 I would get a lot of static. Also, as soon as I put a jacket on over the Treo, the static increased significantly. Like others said, I also like the fit and comfort and really wanted it to work but static and short range issues were too much for me.

    I switched to an HBH-662 and there is much less static and the range is about 15 feet versus 3 but the tradeoff is it is nowhere near as comfortable and the talk time is less with the HBH-662. Try a few and see what works best for you.
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    Quote Originally Posted by lgreenberg
    From the files of the unbeleivable.......

    My 16 week old puppy somehow got her hands on my 640. Needless to say it's dead. She chewed it to pieces.

    $129 down the drain.
    Depending on what credit card you bought it with, you might check to see if they have any protection/insurance plan.

    I make most of my online and electronic gadgets (my toys) purchases with my Amex Blue mostly for this reason.
    Return Protection
    If you try to return a designated item within 90 days from the date of purchase and the merchant won't take it back, American Express will refund the full purchase price, up to $300 per item, excluding shipping and handling.

    Buyer's Assurance
    With the Buyer's Assurance Plan, you can shop worry-free knowing that the terms of the original manufacturer's warranty will be matched up to one additional year, on warranties of five years or less that are eligible in the U.S.

    Purchase Protection Plan
    Shop with confidence and the Purchase Protection Plan, which protects eligible purchases made with the Card against accidental damage and theft for up to 90 days from the date of purchase.

    I've used the Return Protection to cover restocking fees that I've encountered from local vendors.
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    Thanks for the thought.

    I already tossed the remains and purchased a new one.
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    Used the 640 for a week and it is real solid. Is there any headset better as far as form fit??? Nope. There is a little static. Had one issue w/ a lot of static, but it is like a beautiful sports car, it may have issues, but just look at it!!!

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    Well, I have been using this headset now for about one week and here is my opinion (if you care).
    Speaker volume: 9/10. I have used this on mass transit trains, in the hospital ER, and on windy days outdoors and have only had a slight bit of trouble hearing, and I mean really slight. Under most normal conditions, the thing is almost too loud and I often find myself turning the volume down.
    Fit/Form: 10/10. This thing is amazing. It is so light weight that I hardly notice it in my ear. I use the large eargel and this keeps it in place well enough. I have tried turing my head quickly and have not gotten it to fly out. (thankfully). It is very comfortable and can be used for a long period of time.
    Battery life: 6/10. Pretty good. Don't believe the 5 day standby time. I used it very little over 3 days and the thing died on me on the fourth before I could even use it, and that was with turing the headset off during 2 of those nights.
    Sound: 5/10. As I said, the volume is great, but the sound is something different. There is a whole lot of static with this thing, and I mean a lot. And this was not just one headset. I have tried 2 of these headsets now, both with the same results. Even in direct line of sight, I get static quit often, although I must say that for some reason, it does work very well in my car, and I almost never get static there.
    Range: 3/10. Range is horrible. Sometime I cannot get more than 2 feet away from my phone without having to repeat myself to people. And the static gets so bad that I have to stay close by.
    People on the other end: 5/10. I think that this is very important as well, so I have been asking multiple people on the other end of this what they think. Here are some comments. While driving in my car with all of the windows up and no music on, "Where are you, it sounds really loud around you." Outside in the wind, "I hear you ok, but there is a lot of wind noise so I have to listen closely." On another day in my car with the turn signal on, "What is that clicking noise. It is really annoying." Yes, that is right, they heard my turn signal clicking, which is not all that loud by the way. I have also experienced several episodes of having to quickly cancel the headset use and switch to the handset, because people on the other line could not hear me at all even though the headset was paired properly.

    Overall rating: 6/10.
    I will be trying the Sony HBH 662 next and hope the sound/range is better.
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    I have been using the 640 for about 10 days and feel that it is an outstanding form and function Bluetooth earpiece. The style and and lightweight earpiece along with the inovative charger of both DC and AC makes it a very solid piece of equiptment.
    Yes, its range seems limited but I have my phone on me at all times..This is absolutly the most comfortable mini earpiece around and no one seems to know that I am on a earpiece. It also connects up quick when making calls and receiving them..Real Nice Product
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    I too love the form factor and want this headset to work. I have a Cingular Treo650 with firmware 1.15. Does anyone know if Cingular 1.17 will improve range, decrease static, or make better coffee?

    I've heard mixed reviews of 1.17, but was interested in any feedback specific to the 640!


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    1.17 won't effect the performance of the 640.
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    I have found having a treo 650 with 1.17 Bluetooth is much better with all my headsets and especially with the 640
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    I wish it were better for me.

    Still, I can't use the 640 unless it has a clear un-ubstructed view of the Treo. I like to simply place the Treo in my pocket and use the BT headset. With this method the 640 is pure static.
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    i agree 100% i've had my treo for a week, and gone through 7 headsets- various models of moto, jabra, and the plantronics 320. the 640 rocks, best by far. i was on a call, and left my treo in my truck while i walked into the pizza joint ( still on the call ) got my food, and walked back to my truck with no problems. every other headset got static if the phone was clipped on my belt on my left while the headset was in my right ear. so much for a 33 ft. range
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    i found the same charging problem but was told it breaks itself in
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    pairing for me was easy though, do you need help
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    i am debating between the 640 and the se earpiece 662(?)

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    Quote Originally Posted by lgreenberg
    Absoltuely right about the comfort factor. I've owned a lot of headsets (BT800, HS850, HS810, HBH660, HBH662, Palm One) just to name a few and this one is BY FAR the best fitting on the ear. With previous headsets my ear would begin to hurt after an hour of wear. I can wear the 640 all day with no discomfort. Sometimes I forget it's even on.
    lgreenberg - I currently have the 662 but thinking about the 40. Which do you like more and why?
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    Quote Originally Posted by sygyzy
    lgreenberg - I currently have the 662 but thinking about the 40. Which do you like more and why?
    I prefer the 640. It's the most comfortable headset I've owned.
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    Wow. Lots of great info! So, I'm about to buy either the 510 or the 640. What's the bottom line?

    If money is of no consequence for this purchase, which is the better headset all around? The 510 or the 640?


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    Different designs and feel.

    I'd go for the 640.
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