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    I have not had any problem pairing the 640. Does your 640 go into pairing mode with alternating red and blue flashing? So far, it also seems to stay paired.

    The 640 I have seems to fit snugly into its charging sleeve but it dows take a little pressure for it to make a connection for charging. Once connected though it seems pretty secure. Sounds like you may have a defective headset or sleeve.

    I am still trying to deal with the static. It is by far the most comfortable unit I have tried. And it is also probably no worse that the Treo Headset or Motorola HS850 static wise but I am hoping there is something better. I will be trying a Sony Ericsson HBH 608 and Jabra BT 500 (based on the recommendations of Treo Central sales). If they all have the same static issues then I would probably keep the 640 because of its form factor.
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    I have had the 640 for 2 days and am very pleased. Size and fit is great. Sound quality (both ends) in the office and car is very good. I have asked callers and have gotten very good feedback. I am not hearing any static at all and have had not problems pairing. I have unlocked Cingular 650. I have not tried outside yet.
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    Thanks for the feedback. I got it to pair to the Treo650. A little compression on the pocket holder seem to work in holding the headset in while charging. I'm good to go and like the headset so far. Definitely need to keep it and Treo on same side of the body.
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    Bluetooth, at least with the T650 seems to be a challenge. For the last couple of days I have been trying the Jabra BT500 and the Sony Ericsson HBH 608 and have found both to have low volume and people tell me the BT500 is very garbled sounding. The HBH 608 is better with static but has background hissing that is a problem for me.

    So, I am back to the Discovery 640. Not perfect but so far the best I have tried.
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    I just received my Plantronics 640 (UPS was two days late on an overnight package...bastards) and am charging it as I type this. I plan on giving it an extensive test, both in the office this afternoon and on the road over the weekend.

    I must say the packaging, carry case, etc is fantastic. Too bad none of the adaptors do me any good as a Treo user. My Logitech Mobile Freedom Pro has started to disappoint me after about 3 or 4 months, and it was time to try something new.

    I'll give a full review once i've had a chance to use it a bit, for anyone who's interested.
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    does the treo 650 charger work with the Plantronices 640?
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    Quote Originally Posted by jzhu83
    does the treo 650 charger work with the Plantronices 640?
    No, that was why I said that none of the adaptors due me any good as a Treo user. So you need to use the charger that comes with it.

    But, the AAA carrycase / charger is a nice addition to keep it topped off, that probaly lasts a week at a time, depending on how much you actuallly need it.
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    Well, so far, using it at my office, i've been very pleased. Some of the people i've talked to have said it sounds a little like i'm speaking from a room with no furntiure, but its very clear and very loud. With the treo on its cradle, i can walk around my office with no static issues or bad connection issues. As i try to walk out of my office, the static increases a little bit, but overall, i'm quite pleased. We'll see how the sound quality int the car is on my drive home. I will say i've noticed a little bit of very faint "snap crackle pop" if i get away from line of site...but it's only in the background, and is not enough to interfere with or break up a conversation. I have to be listening for it...

    I think this one's a keeper. I'm a little concerned about perhaps breaking the ear-gels. The way they connect doesn't seem to be the sturdiest of designs, but hopefully, plantronics has done their homework on this one. I'm tempted to try the HBH 300, but this thing is so small and conveinet, its hard to trade right now. We'll see how the weekend goes.

    Additional nice features: Redial works from the headset. Connection is fast and automatic. Can hangup with the button on the headset. and so far, the volume seems like more than enough to cover me under any circumstances. Again, i'll have to test that over the weekend.
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    I like my Plantronics 640.
    I have used it in the car with my Treo 650 on the dash running Tom Tom and wearing the 640 in my left ear( i.e line of sight under 3 feet).When I receive a call, I hear no static and communications are clear on both ends. Also, there is more than enough volume.
    However, when I was walking the dog outdoors and had a coat on, there was some static and choppy communication. I bought the 640 for long distance driving and it meets my needs in that regard.
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    Works great - bought it at the palmone store in PHL Airport for $115.

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    I just got my 640 for my Sprint PCS 650.

    - Slick design. Really light and holds well to the ear with just the ear gel. Comfortable.
    - Hand-off is almost instant. Supports re-dial from the headset. Call quality is pretty good so far, both in and out-bound.
    - Easy pairing

    - IMO, very expensive for a headset. Wish I could purchase the same unit without all the accessories I won't be using (like charger adapter for SE, Nokia and Moto).
    - Gets staticky after about 6' which is shorter than my Plantronics 510.
    - The answer button is set a a bit awkward angled position which takes a bit of getting used to.

    Debating whether to replace my 510 with the 640 if I could find it cheap somewhere.
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    how's the static if it's in your right ear and treo is in your left front pant pocket? any static at all?

    i'm torn between the 640 and the new bluespoon AX2 coming this month.

    the only BT headset i had was the Treo Headset which was flimsy and had lots of static.

    i don't mind a high price - but give me quality sound, long charge, and small size!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gekko
    how's the static if it's in your right ear and treo is in your left front pant pocket? any static at all?

    i'm torn between the 640 and the new bluespoon AX2 coming this month.

    the only BT headset i had was the Treo Headset which was flimsy and had lots of static.

    i don't mind a high price - but give me quality sound, long charge, and small size!

    Didn't notice any quality diff when not having the Treo on the same side as the 640 headset. In fact, I regularly made phone calls with the phone on the passenger seat. I think I got some static but its a factor of using the Treo and not the headset. I've reviewed now 10 headsets and have to say the Plantroics 510 and the 640 are on top of my list.
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    so no static if in front pocket on opposite side of ear?
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    I think you'll find that there will be some static with any headset you use with this configuration. It is a result of the bluetooth technology not being able to pass through a human body. There is no way for the radiowaves to curve around your body, so some static is inevitable. Why not just use them on the same side?

    After a weekend of extensive use, i can say i am very happy with the 640. This may be the closest thing to a perfect headset i've had yet. The sound quality is excellent, and more importantly, the volume is great. No problems hearing other people at all. It is small, lightweight, and very comfortable. The "pen" charger is a nice feature, as i can keep this thing charged on its own for a week at a time.

    The range on it is not quite as good as some other headsets i've used, but it is certainly adequate for my purposes. In a car, the sound is flawless. The jury is still out ont he durability of the unit, as i'm not sure what we'll happen if an eargel breaks or something similar happens. I'll just have to be careful in the meantime.

    So headset yet.
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    No BT headset is static proof. What I meant to say is that, so far, I have not had any noticeable diff when placing the Treo opposite side of the headset. The quality of the calls have been pretty good with the 640. Almost all of the headsets I've tested so far like Jabar's sounded terrible with static and breakups when placed opposite side of the headset. Hope this helps.
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    I'm pretty happy with the Treo Wireless Headset, except for the microphone noise cancelling. Anyone know if this one has a better microphone?

    I need something with a gel for my ear for noisy environments. I have an old Jabra gel on my TWH.
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    So far, i haven't had any problems with cutting out due to noise cancelling. In fact, i would probably say just he opposite occurs. I feel that teh 640 transmits more background noise than the average headset. This manifests in two disticnts ways:

    Good: it means that none of your conversation is cut out when speaking ot someone in a noisy environment. I have yet to have anyone complain about choppiness or cutting in and out

    Bad: It means others can hear everything going on in the background, from a radio, to trucks going by, etc.

    I will take that trade-off though. Nobody has complained about every having a probelm hearing me yet, and although i do hear a little bit of static sometimes if i walk away from the Treo on my desk (ie 10 ft) it is not enough to break up the conversation or make someone unintelligible. So far so good...i'll continue to evaluate as i go.

    The biggest plus about this headset is the volume...i can hear everyone perfectly, and often times find myself turning the volume on the headset down because it can be too loud in my ear.
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    Does anyone know if this unit is full duplex or not?
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    To the best of my ablility to test it, no, it is not.

    Nobody seems to be able to implement a very useable full-duplex bluetooth device that i've found. Logitech's mobile freedom pro was better than everything else i've tried...but i had other issues with that device.
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