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    I'm having more reboot problems with my 650 Cingular. Not the same reboot loop it got in once before, this time it's stable until it powers off. Then it reboots. The automatic reboot occurs whether I power off myself using the button, or if the unit powers itself off via the Auto-off setting in Power preferences.

    Here's all I've tried without success (i.e. the reboot problem remains)
    * Hard reset and Hotsync
    * Hard reset and Hotsync after existing Backup folder was moved to Desktop
    * Hard reset and Hotsync after deleting Saved_Preferences.prc file
    * Hard reset and no Hotsync

    The last one is the most telling, isn't it? After I do a Hard Reset and don't hotsync at all, the problem still remains.

    If it helps, the Phone Info screen reads
    Firmware: 01.31
    Software: Treo650-1.15-CNG
    Hardware: A
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    The last one indicates a hardware problem. Return it for a replacement.
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