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    How do I use my VersaMail or Internet on my Unlocked Cingular Branded Treo 650 ? I was able to unlock it and I am currently using it with my Tmobile SIM. Everything is working except the internet. Please help !!! I think that I have to update the firmware but I'm not sure if I do or how. Thank you. Please be nice I'm a first time user.
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    Did you get the T-mo internet plan?
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    As to whether you need to update the firmware: launch the phone app, press the menu button and the letter "i"; what versions of software and firmware are listed?

    As to the internet: have you purchased a data plan from T-Mobile? The easiest to use is the $19.99 unlimited internet plan.
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    As far as the Firmware when check it says Palm OS Garnet v.5.4.5 and then a list of other things.

    As of right now I have the 5.99 T-Mobile Internet on my plan. Cause I had it on my V3. So I def have that on my account.

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