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    I am wondering if a class 1 Bluetooth access point is likely to give much better coverage than a class 1 Bluetooth dongle. Class 1 devices are supposed to have a range of 100m, class 2 of 10m, and class 3 of 1m. But are all class 1 devices created equal?

    I want my treo to have data access in my home through its bluetooth pan profile (also known as "reverse DUN"). I was thinking I'd do this with a class 1 Belkin usb bluetooth dongle (based on a Broadcom 203x chipset), but I have been disappointed to find its signal doesn't penetrate upstairs. I am wondering if I'm likely to have better look with a dedicated Bluetooth access point, but if they're both class 1 devices then maybe it will make no difference.

    Does anyone have experience with this issue?
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    Well, I've noticed that those Class One devices with an external antenna are advertising a longer range than those without external antennas. I don't know whether that's actually true or not, but I CAN tell you that my PCMCIA 802.11 card can hit access points that are farther away when I connect its stubby little 2-inch external antenna...

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    linksys usbbt100 usb dongle

    search treocentral forums about it

    read user reviews about it

    buy it

    be happy with its nontypical great range

    'nuff said
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    I just got a CompUSA Class 1 adapter for my powerbook. Not sure about 100 meters, but impressed that I can now get BT signal from 3rd floor to 1st floor, although it does give out in certain parts of the 1st floor....

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