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    This thread is for all of my die-hard, rugged treo650 patriot Christian militia men and women. Only serious posters respond please:

    In any and all situations such as blackouts, hurricanes, bird-flus(Ft. Detrick created) or *terrorist* attacks upon our land, there may be but a handful of handhelds that will be indespensable as we scramble to keep communications and logistics plans viable; First off we will be communicating on frequencies that even the Coast Guard will be unable to discern. Of course i won't go deep into it here on this board. However, we found that the treo 650 can be a lifesaver in several ways:

    Ok. in certain situations such as blackouts and floods, power will be down and out; cellular towers may be down so you can't call. No stress. The pda function of the treo can be vital as we have maps of the whole of united States loaded on our sd cards..usually 3-4 2gb cards and 2 1gb cards or more. They look great on 320x320 screens as you can see where the next gas or lodging areas may be located. Or heck, forget civilization, you can locate points where you can traverse outside of the main areas that will be roadblocked off by mercenary or foreign troops that will be at these checkpoints. You must master alternate routes out of main areas.

    When you are in range, with locator turned off, one can access the 'Net for up to date info along with your handcranked shortwave radio. Of course you can place a call to loved ones or auxilliary that can then provide additional support. We know that turning off locator means nothing with GPS technology, if you want heightened security with privacy, take the damn battery out for a while and cover your phone in foil, to foil..teehee..
    ptunes deluxe is vital as you can stream alternate radio for the real truth that the watchdog media won't give ya, since they're all bought and paid for.
    Emails and sms's are critical as well for obvious reasons. No need to spell it out.

    This is where it gets real serious dude. Battery life is the most important for the treo to survive in the middle of nowhere. We found the Sedio portable emergency charger to be a lifesaver! With a hundred 9volt batteries stocked(EvereadyGold, Duracell) you should be good to go. Add that with two spare 650 batteries and you have months of Treo usage with your water and food. Whenever your battery reaches 50%, you charge that sucker with the 9volt. Bammm! Near 90 to 100% everytime. I could care less if i can't access data or use phone for I have herbal remedies like Oil Of Oregano, Elderberry, Garlic type info in my Documents that can keep a soldier alive. All loaded into docstogo for info and physical in my backpack!

    Man, I can go on forever about different apps out there that can help you in any given situation. First-off. Bible with You on Palm is essential for spiritual support. Keep in mind, Palm has some 20,000 different apps that can run from third-party vendors on your phone. They that can guide you along your way.If you know some share it please for us all. Help me out here.

    (P.S., ironically while writing this I am just going through a blackout in my neighborhood. It just happened like 10min. ago. I am posting via Dun with my Mac and its' battery life! Shoutouts to **** Cheney!
    ) There was more I wanted to cover but i have to go and see what is going on...this is a true story ya'll and should be stickied..Unbelievable!!!
    This is real talk!!!
    Remember, during Katrina, folk could not make calls after a while because they could not charge their cellphones. The Treo650 can handle that with our emergency 9volt chargers and backup batteries! We can help and save a lot of lives with this thing despite all the complaints about its' shortcomings. God Bless you all and check for part 2 in the near...)

    "All I need is 4gs;
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    SunCompass - freeware. Plug in the closest major city, turn the sun image on your screen to point at the sun and you have an accurate compass.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Eyedeas
    SunCompass - freeware. Plug in the closest major city, turn the sun image on your screen to point at the sun and you have an accurate compass.
    Thanks man. Will look into it. Keep 'em coming. Anyone can P.M. me if you would rather exchange info "off the record". But I feel like in this strange world we live in now, this great community here can share a lot of good tips and info. with each other. Oh, btw my lights are back on. I wasn't sitting in the dark as I have backup generators, battery operated dome lights, emergency lights, etc.. and a huge cooler with dry ice. Certainly good to know they are back on tho' but I am trained to expect the unexpected. Proud member of the "grassyknoll society" that i am. LOL.

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