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    cause of various T600 issues (dropped calls, poor battery charging): moisture/condensation

    [apologies, this is long, but some of this is sort of complex. The summary is: if having dropped call problems, and if everything else is configured ok, and if you're brave/competent/dontHaveWarranty, then disassemble, disconnect battery, dry off "daughter card rubber bumper" (especially the thin edges), reconnect battery, and reassemble, re-sync, fixed.]

    Ok, so I note in this forum there are various messages wrt dropped calls, battery charging acting funny (e.g. put T600 on charger, but it either takes forever to charge or doesn't charge at all), etc.

    Well, I've had many of these issues too, and have (in my case) definitively tracked the problem down to moisture collecting around the "upper rubber bumper" that provides friction against the stylus. See Figure 4 in this doc...

    ..and the "rubber bumper" I'm talking about is the one in the upper left corner of the pictured unit, and is encircled and annotated with the admonition "pay attention removable rubber here".

    You'll note, especially upon disassembly (see links at bottom of this post), that that rubber bumper latterally encircles the radio daughter card connecter. What I've found is that if there is *ANY* trace of moisture on that rubber bumper, especially it's thin edges -- which ride up against the daughter card on the top, and the motherboard on the bottom -- *THEN* my T600's radio (ie call) functions begin to be erratic, *AND* I may experience battery charging difficulties.

    I have now gone through 3 cycles of these problems occuring and my subsequently disassembling the T600, drying the edges & back of (what I'll call) the "daughter card rubber bumper", reassembling, and finding the problems *GONE*.

    For example, I just now performed just such a dissassembly & drying, with testing the unit before and after, and the problems had definitely recurred prior to the "drying operation" and are now definitely absent afterwards.

    What I suspect if going on is that the "daughter card rubber bumper" is wrapped around the connector between the motherboard and daughter card, and it's thin edges contact solder points associated with the connecter, apparently pretty for sure on the motherboard as far as I could just see when I had the T600 apart just now. And, I had just a touch of moisture on the motherboard edge of the rubberbumper, and some on the "back" of the bumper, next to the connector.

    I bet that any moisture (condensation) on that motherboard edge of the daughter card rubber bumper is enough to cause signal leakage across various of the leads of said connector, thus fouling up various radio-based operations.

    In my experience, the radio-based bugs appear first, and then later the battery-based ones. The last two times I've had these troubles, it didn't get to the point the battery issues appeared -- only the radio ones. But the first time, I'd inadvertantly gotten the T600 wet (I believe I posted a note about that), and there was a bunch of moisture around the daughter card rubber bumper, and in that case I *was* experiencing "failure to charge" issues, as well as essentially total radio (call) failures. (drying the rubber bumper fixed all this).

    So, I wonder if given all these posts in these and other forums (eg about similar issues, whether these T600 units are prone to getting some condensation moisture in them over time, and for whatever reason one place it collects is on that daughter card rubber bumper -- it is exposed to an outside fresh (moist perhaps) air source when the stylus is removed -- and then voila, one gets the dropped call syndrome periodically.

    It's been about 2 months since I performed my most recent (prior to today) "dry off daughter card rubber bumper" operation, fwiw.

    In terms of disassembly of T600, see these threads (for instance, there's others too)..

    Sprint T600 Battery Replacement difficulties - dead unit

    complete T600 disassembly

    I had a small dessicant packet lying about that I was going to put inside the T600 alonside the battery on the stylus side to see if that might help stretch out the Mean Time Between Drying Operations (MTBDO), but I can't find it right now..... will have to give that a try in any case.

    I hope others find this info useful.
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    A long detailed writing, but the battery problems are caused by the connection from the battery, to the main board.

    This was fixed when the people removed the battery feed wire, to wrap with foil, or changing the battery, thus wiping (reaffirming the connection), then the battery related problems go away for a long while.
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    Good point, thanks, I *don't* claim the above post is _the only_ solution, or depicts the _specific_ cause, of _all_ battery charging problems. Folks should definitely search the forums for additional posts for such, eg "battery feed wire".

    And so while there may be multiple causes of the common "battery problem" symptoms: as I noted in my above post, I only experienced the battery aspect of my issues the first time the issues appeared, and it was after the call probs appeared, and the daughter card rubber bumper was quite wet in that case (I'd gotten caught out on a beach by a big wave...) -- ie it had quite obvious moisture droplets congealed on it.

    In the subsequent two cases, the batt probs didn't occur for me (but the call probs did), and the daughter card rubber bumper _did_ in fact have a very slight haze of moisture on the edges, and removing that did in fact solve my call problems -- twice.

    Disassembly and mucking about with the innards is admittedly not for everyone, especially for those whose units are still under warranty or insurance. Mine isn't as far as I know..... tho after I posted the above, I did run across "the" thread on the "Network Search / Battery Prob" that has the "bad ESN range" listed in it, and my unit is in that range..

    09600716001 thru 09600864216 maybe I have an long-shot possibility to get it replaced?

    The thread (or one of them perhaps) that you (dlbrummels) are apparently referring to is..

    Network Search / Battery Prob-- more widespread than anyone knows?

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    I can tell you what makes my T600 stop acting up, and I had it the same week it came out, original first unit.

    Of course I took out the worthless rubber bumbers.
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    So, a followup is in order here....

    I removed the rubber bumper from my T600, this one: See Figure 4 in this doc...

    ..and the "rubber bumper" I'm talking about is the one in the upper left corner of the pictured unit, and is encircled and annotated with the admonition "pay attention removable rubber here".

    I also ensured everthing in the unit was as dry as possible before reassembly.

    After 4..6 days, the unit started acting up again in the general same ways as documented before -- mostly dropped calls and call connection problems, and failure to charge completely.

    So I swapped the "battery feed cable" out of my "spare parts" T600 (one with a broken screen I picked up for $20) into my (supposedly) working T600, and *voila*, problem solved.

    I'm not entirely convinced that the moisture problems I'd documented and worked to resolve were inconsequential, however, given my methodology it is possible they weren't the key problem. The reason for this is that in almost all cases where I disassembled my unit and dryed things out or whatever, I'd disconnected the battery feed cable in the process. I believe that I *did not* disconnect it in one of the last disassembly events, but I didn't keep detailed records.

    Anyway, my unit is now working like a champ, essentially as it was prior to my original getting-it-soaked/wet event back in May-2005.

    Losing that one rubber bumper noted above doesn't seem to be an issue, as there are two that help hold the stylus in the unit, and having just the one down by the stylus tip (when the stylus is inserted into the T600) seems to work fine for me.

    Oh, also, prior to the getting-it-wet event, I'd replaced the battery (successfully, once I figgered out how to reinsert the display ribbon cable, which issues are also documented in another thread in this forum) with a 2000mah one from, and it seems to be working just fine -- especially now that I've changed out the battery feed cable.

    So a question I have is whether these battery feed cables are a stock part that can be obtained somewhere?

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    Give them a shot, they probably have many parts not advertised.
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    Thanks for the pointer. I haven't called them yet, since my unit's working fine. But agreed, they might be a source. I note they are selling T600 "parts phones" (for a high price: $100), and they have various bits & pieces, such as the Keyboards, cases, screws, etc (for both T600 & T650).

    has anyone ordered from them before and if so, how'd it go?

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