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    I recently started using Chatter on my Treo 650 (VZN) with an IMAP account. The IMAP account works perfectly with my two computers, but as soon as I turn on Chatter my computers are no longer able to receive email. I have Chatter set to Offline and QSync every 30 minutes. I don't get any errors on my desktop email client (OSX Mail), the msgs just don't show up. I have my .Mac acct set up as well and it works fine and I also have my gmail acct set up (POP) and it also works.

    Any ideas?

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    I am a Chatter/IMAP person too. I went through something similar to your experience recently.

    The answer in my case was that the implementation of IMAP on my mailserver would only permit one connection from a mail client at a time. I understand that some variants of IMAP may permit multiple email clients to connect to a mail account simultaneously, but not my mailserver.

    What I would do is that if my workstation was online, as soon as Chatter fired up it would bump my workstation's IMAP connection offline. (Pushy little program, that Chatter). I could manually sync my workstation to the mailserver, but would consistently get error messages from my workstation's mail client (Outlook 2003) telling me the IMAP connection was closed. Like once a minute.

    The short, nontechnical solution: if I'm sitting at my desk, Chatter is offline even if the Treo is on. If I'm not at my desk, Chatter is online, and try to remember to take Outlook offline.
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    That seems to be the explanation of the problem that I have come to, but it seems odd that I can have both of my computers connecting to the server without conflict, but Chatter causes problems. Ah well, thanks for the solution.

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    Many IMAP servers have a setting to determine the number of incoming simultaneous connections to allow. You may want to ask your mail host to up that setting to a higher number. Keep in mind that every "online" folder, both in Chatter and a desktop client, equals 1 connection.
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    I agree except my two desktops sync perfectly. I'll ask our IT guy if he has any ideas.


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