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    Anyone out there with an 06 A4 with a Treo 650? I paired my treo and it works fine except I'm only getting "HOME" and "VOICEMAIL" on the dialing directory accessable via the steering wheel controls. Any way to have it download the entire directory (Like it's supposed to?).
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    It can not access the entire address book. Only the ones on your quick dial list in the phone app. My brother has an A6. Same deal.
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    Put the numbers you want to access in the car in the speed dial section. The Audi will then upload these numbers. Yes this is a pain but i think it's for good reason. At first i was also bothered by the fact that the car would not upload my address book. I believe the reason it is set up this way is that the car can handle only 125 number entries into memory (or something like that). Many Treo users have hundreds of contacts in the address book and multiple numbers for each contact. So then it would only upload some etc. This would make scrolling thru all these numbers (in the car) a pain in the **** and dangerous. The cool part of the system is that it uploads calls made and missed calls (while not in the car) from the treo each time you get in and bluetooth pairs so you can easily access these numbers from the car control while driving.
    If it would only show my incoming text messages on the MMI screen!!!
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    I am unable to transfer all the speed dials from my treo? Any ideas how to fix it?

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