I only have three email accounts set up in VersaMail (all working fine). When I try to add a fourh account I get the following message: "All account are in use. Deleted accounts can be re-used after performing a HotSync. Make sure the VersaMail conduit is turned on and not Set to 'Do Nothing'.

I have deleted one of my accounts in the hope to add another, but was unable to do so after a HotSync and making sure VersaMail conduit is turned on. Now I am even unable to add back the original account I deleted. Anybody have any ideas as to how to fix this problem? I did a search of this forum, but was unable to find information pertaining to my issue. I could possibly do a hard reset and add VersaMail from my installation CD, but this requires me to re-enter registration codes for some of my applications.



Treo 650, Verizon version 1.04, VersaMail