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    My Palm cable appears to have died and I'm considering my options for replacing as either buying a 3rd party cable that syncs and provides power or getting a bluetooth dongle for my laptop and syncing that way (my Palm power cable still works).

    Has anyone compared speed of file transfer using those two options, and IR. My experience with using my IR is that it is significantly slower (my last IR hotsync took almost 30 minutes compared to 3-3 with the cable) than the cable and I'm worried that BT will be similar.

    Can anyone test out using both methods and post the results?
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    anyone have any thougths on this? I guess my other question would be does anyone have any ideas why my IR hotsync takes 20-30 minutes vs. 2-3 with the cable?
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    Bluetooth and ir are much slower than the cable.
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    Quote Originally Posted by gapost
    Bluetooth and ir are much slower than the cable.
    to the extent that I'm seeing? that seems quite extreme.
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    says .. they are that much slower. also they both absolutely chew battery .. another reason to stick with the cable. IMHO.
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    is anybody using IR sync on a regular basis and how fast is yours? Does much slower mean going from 3 minutes to 30 minutes or is there something wrong with my PC or Treo?

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